At OLINID, we are dedicated to creating an extensive European and national network that upholds our reputation for excellence in the luxury car market. Our brand is synonymous with sophistication, and we invite you to become a part of our growing family.

Our master franchise program is designed to empower independent entrepreneurs with the tools and support needed to succeed. As a master franchisee, you will have the exclusive rights to operate under the OLINID brand and implement our proven business model in your region.

Not only will you manage your own fleet of luxury cars, but you will also have the opportunity to develop your own network of customers. The franchisor therefore relies on people who have a perfect knowledge of the luxury car market in their country and/or region.

If you are interested in joining our franchise program and you need more specific details, please contact us.


At OLINID, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled experience and knowledge in the luxury car rental industry. With over 15 years of expertise in serving the discerning clientele of the French Riviera, we have developed an exceptional understanding of the unique desires and expectations of our customers.

Our journey began by catering to the most exclusive clientele in the South of France, and over the years, we have continuously refined our services to deliver an unmatched experience. Our team of dedicated professionals is not only passionate about luxury automobiles but also possesses extensive knowledge about the region, its roads, and its picturesque locales.

Luxury car rental company opportunity

As industry veterans, we recognize that our clients seek not just a luxury car but an unforgettable experience. To this end, we maintain a meticulously curated fleet of the finest luxury and exotic vehicles, each hand-picked to meet the highest standards of performance, style, and comfort. Our commitment to excellence extends to providing a seamless booking process, personalized service, and impeccable vehicle maintenance, ensuring that every client receives the first-class treatment they deserve.

Now, we are excited to share our success and expertise by offering franchise opportunities to like-minded entrepreneurs. As a OLINID franchisee, you will benefit from our proven business model, comprehensive training, and unwavering support. Our experience and knowledge in the luxury car rental industry will provide you with a solid foundation to build a thriving and profitable business.

Embrace the opportunity to join the OLINID family and capitalize on our experience and success. Your dream of owning a luxury car rental franchise is now within reach.


a unique mobile application

We created a brand new application that is set up to facilitate the booking of our vehicles thanks to a simplified system made for our customers.
This application is also an essential tool for our franchisees and will be of great help to them in the processes they have to perform.

We build an all-in-one application, allowing our franchisees to create a booking, locate their fleet or access mileage thanks to our in-app gps solution and the installation of specific trackers within the vehicles. Franchisees can send payment or deposit links to their clients and verify the status or automatically generate invoices, contracts or others documents. The app also offers the possibility to check the status of damages on each vehicles, access a booking calendar to have a clearer overall view of your upcoming or past bookings.

Managing your fleet, your reservations and foster customer loyalty is what OLINID can offer you.

We also implemented a map system allowing you to delimit a free delivery area around your agency to calculate your delivery costs when delivering out of that one. Not to mention, the automatic and secured verification of clients’ documents.

In other words, all the necessary tools needed to carry out a booking gathered in one app.