Rental terms & conditions

General rental terms & conditions | France

These General Rental Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between OLINID, a foreign-registered company based in Monaco with a capital of 15.000 euros, registered under number 824 617 047, with registered offices located at 30 boulevard Princesse Charlotte, 98000 Monaco (hereinafter referred to as “OLINID“), and any individual listed on the rental contract, who pays for said contract and/or is designated as the primary driver, as well as any other additional driver expressly named in the rental contract.

All individuals designated as drivers on the rental contract are jointly responsible for the payment of amounts due under this contract.

OLINID Partners shall remain solely responsible for commitments made under these General Conditions. Consequently, there is no joint liability between OLINID and its Partners.

I agree to use the vehicle in compliance with these General Conditions.

Under no circumstances will I sublease the vehicle, its equipment, and its accessories (e.g., the vehicle key, vehicle documents, tools) to a third party. I will not make any modifications or repairs to the vehicle, its equipment, and accessories.

I am prohibited from transferring, mortgaging, pledging, selling, or offering as security any part of the rental contract, the vehicle, its equipment, and/or its accessories.

I am aware that OLINID vehicles may be owned by an OLINID Partner or financial institutions possibly affiliated with the OLINID group, and therefore may be subject to a pledge granted by their owner for the benefit of various financial institutions and their successors and assigns, in accordance with the provisions of Article 2333 et seq. of the Civil Code. As such, OLINID may be designated as a third-party holder of the pledge, in accordance with the provisions of Article 2337 of the Civil Code. Consequently, I undertake to return the vehicle to OLINID in its capacity as the third-party holder of the pledge or, if instructed by OLINID, to any other entity that may be substituted for OLINID in this capacity.

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1.1. How can I book a vehicle ?

You can book a vehicle through three methods:

  • Via the app on a compatible iOS or Android smartphone.
  • By contacting us via our website
1.2. Is there a minimum time requirement for booking a vehicle ?

Once your account is created and your documents are under verification, there is no minimum time requirement between the booking and the start of the rental. However if your documents do not pass our security verification, you will be asked to submit some other documents for verification or you will be prevented from completing any booking.

1.3. Who is eligible to rent and drive a car from OLINID ?

To rent and drive a vehicle from OLINID , you must:

  • Be at least 25 years old.
  • Have a valid driver’s license for at least 5 years otherwise you will be assigned the “young driver” option .
  • Own a compatible iOS or Android smartphone with the app installed and a valid personal account.
  • Use a payment method accepted by OLINID (credit card or apple Pay).
  • Be legally capable of entering into a contract with OLINID. OLINID emphasizes a respectful environment and reserves the right to refuse service or suspend access to your account for insulting, offensive, or abusive behavior towards employees.
1.4. Can I add additional drivers ?

Yes, by choosing the “additional driver” option during your booking process or after booking confirmation, you can add up to 3 additional drivers. These drivers must have validated accounts. Only validated drivers are covered by insurance. If an unauthorized driver is involved in an accident, you are responsible for all related costs.

1.5. When can I book ?

You can book a vehicle up to six months in advance, subject to availability.

1.6. Where can I rent a vehicle ?

You can rent vehicles anywhere in Europe including Monaco, Andora, Luxembourg, England.

1.7. Can I choose the vehicle model and color when booking ?

During booking, various vehicle models will be offered based on availability. However, vehicle’s color may vary depending on avaibility of the model.

1.8. How long can I rent a vehicle and what are the delivery fees ?

You can rent a vehicle for a minimum of one day. However depending on where the car is based we may ask a minimum of rental period.

  • Delivery fees are based on the farthest location of departure or return. No delivery fees are charged if the vehicle is picked up and returned to the same agency. Minimum rental periods apply based on the distance of the farthest delivery point:
    • Over 500km: 5 days minimum
    • Over 300km: 4 days minimum
    • Over 150km: 3 days minimum
    • Over 50km: 2 days minimum
1.9. What if I lose my driver’s license during the rental period ?

If your license is suspended, revoked, or lost, you must immediately notify OLINID and return the vehicle. You remain liable for the rental cost and return fees.

1.10. What is the “young drivers” option ?

If you are between 21 and 25 years old with a license held for more than a year, OLINID offers a young drivers’ package. Some vehicle models may not be available to you.


3.1. How and when can I modify my reservation ?

You can modify your reservation through the OLINID app or by contacting us by mail at or by phone : +33762841105

3.2. What can I modify before my rental starts ?

Before the rental starts, you can modify:

  • The vehicle pickup location,
  • The vehicle model, depending on availability
  • The reservation date and time
  • The mileage package
  • Physical options (e.g., baby seat, snow chains)
  • Additional protections
  • Additional driver(s)
  • The deposit payment method

Any changes to your reservation may result in a price adjustment.

3.3. What can I modify after the rental starts ?

After the rental starts, you can modify:

  • The vehicle return date, subject to availability,
  • The mileage package,
  • The rental period

Any changes to your reservation may result in a price adjustment.

3.4. Can I extend the vehicle rental period ?

You can extend the vehicle rental period up to a total of 90 days for the supercar models, subject to vehicle availability.

To extend the rental of a vehicle, request through the OLINID app at least 2 hours before the rental ends or contact us.

Once the change is made and payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

3.5. What is the limit for increasing the mileage package when modifying my reservation ?

You can extend your mileage package up to 500 kilometers per day, up to a maximum of 3,500 kilometers per 30-day period.

Any increase in the mileage package will result in a price adjustment.

3.6. What happens if I exceed the authorized mileage ?

If you exceed the mileage package, you will be charged an additional fee based on:

  • The number of kilometers
  • The price for extra km based on the model you rented.

Unused kilometers at the end of the rental period will not be refunded or credited by OLINID.

3.7. Can I cancel my reservation ?

You can cancel your reservation without charge up to 48 hours before it starts.

If you cancel after this period, you will be charged for the first rental day, including any selected options and protections, unless the delay is not your fault.

OLINID reserves the right to monitor the number of canceled reservations.

3.9. Can OLINID cancel the rental ?

OLINID can cancel the rental at any time due to your fault, especially if you do not comply with the General Terms and Conditions or the application’s terms and conditions.

OLINID may cancel your rental for reasons beyond your control before the scheduled rental start time due to events outside OLINID’s reasonable control, such as technical issues with the OLINID app. In this case, you will receive a full refund.

Otherwise, OLINID will do its best to find a suitable solution for you.


4.1. Where can I find the rented vehicle ?

The vehicle is delivered to me to the address where I want the vehicle delivered. There are delivery fees added to the rental price depending on the place of departure and/or return.

The OLINID app uses Google Maps to find the delivery address, so I must ensure that the address is accurate. OLINID is not responsible for any delivery errors due to an incorrect address, and I will not be entitled to any compensation.

4.2. What happens if I don’t pick up the vehicle at the scheduled time ?

If I do not pick up the vehicle at the time indicated in my reservation made via the app, OLINID website, or a partner site, the vehicle will be held for me for 2 hours. After this period, if the rental has not started and I have not contacted customer service to request an extension, the vehicle will be made available for another rental.

If I cancel or fail to show up at the scheduled time, the total rental cost, including all chosen options and the protection plan, will still be due unless the delay is not my fault.

4.6. What should I do if I lose or have my smartphone stolen ?

If I lose or have my smartphone stolen, I must immediately contact OLINID customer service at or via chat to request the suspension of my account.

I must promptly return the vehicle to OLINID.

I am responsible for my smartphone; OLINID declines all responsibility for its loss or theft and will not provide any reimbursement for the rental period


5.1. Prohibited uses of the vehicle

During the rental period, you are strictly prohibited from:

  • Driving on unauthorized, unpaved, or off-road paths that may cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Participating in any races, speed tests, endurance trials, competitions, or challenges with the vehicle.
  • Using the vehicle for driver training or practice sessions.
  • Conducting material, accessory, or product tests using the vehicle.
  • Operating the vehicle against standard driving practices, especially when dashboard warning lights are illuminated, unless approved by OLINID.
  • Carrying passengers or goods for a fee.
  • Violating any applicable laws with or within the vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, fatigue, or illness.
  • Using the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or objects.
  • Transporting toxic, flammable, or otherwise hazardous materials, or substances prohibited by law.
  • Transporting the vehicle by boat (except to Corsica), train, truck, or plane without written permission from OLINID.
  • Driving on non-public areas such as ports, airports, airfields, refineries, or oil company grounds without written permission from OLINID.
  • Taking the vehicle outside the listed countries in Article 5.3 of the General Conditions without OLINID’s consent.
  • Using mobile communication devices in a manner that distracts from driving, including texting, emailing, or using a mobile phone without a hands-free device.
  • Installing external equipment that may damage the vehicle, such as signage, stickers, roof bars, roof racks, or bike racks.
  • Overloading the vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s specified limits.
  • Performing or allowing unauthorized repairs on the vehicle.
  • Using the vehicle for any purpose requiring an operator’s license.
  • Using the incorrect type of fuel.

You must always drive responsibly and in accordance with traffic laws.


  • Use and lock the vehicle, keeping the registration documents nearby.
  • Be mindful of the vehicle’s size and dimensions; any damage due to misjudgment will void any optional protections and make you fully liable for the damages.

OLINID may require the return of the vehicle during the rental for maintenance or recall purposes. You must comply with OLINID’s requests for vehicle return. Failure to respond or follow return instructions may result in full liability for any losses incurred by OLINID.

Additional fees may apply if the vehicle is transported abroad to cover recovery costs.

5.2. Restrictions inside the vehicle
  • No transporting of animals or smoking inside the vehicle, including prohibiting passengers from smoking.
  • Keeping the vehicle clean is required, with potential cleaning fees if the vehicle is returned really dirty.
5.3. Authorized driving regions

You are permitted to drive the vehicle on authorized roads within all EU countries, Switzerland, England, Monaco, Andorra, and San Marino.

5.4. Vehicle maintenance obligations
  • Regularly check engine oil, water levels, and tire pressure.
  • Ensure the vehicle remains in drivable condition throughout the rental period.
5.5. Procedure for flat tire replacement

If you need to replace a flat tire during the rental, you need to call support available 24/24 and 7/7.

5.6. Winter driving in mountainous areas
  • Acknowledge the Mountain Law II and the decree effective from November 1, 2021.
  • Equip the vehicle with necessary winter gear or winter tires from November 1 to March 31.
  • Reserve necessary equipment in advance, subject to availability and additional charges.

Failure to comply may result in fines and vehicle immobilization. Summer tires are standard unless winter options are reserved.

5.7. Handling battery depletion in electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Return electric vehicles with a minimum charge of 30%.
  • If the battery depletes to 0%, you will be charged for replacement. 
5.8. Fuel policy

You are responsible for fuel costs and must return the vehicle with the same fuel level it had at the start of the rental. Additional fuel charges will apply as per 50€ per 1/4 of gauge.


6.1. If I cause damage to the vehicle

If I cause damage to the vehicle, I will be charged a deductible during or after the rental period. I will be responsible for an increased deductible in the following situations:

  • Non-compliance with any of the General Conditions
  • My own tortious actions
  • Loss or theft of the vehicle due to my negligence
  • Failure to provide additional documents requested by OLINID, such as a properly completed accident report, a police report, or a detailed statement outlining the accident or damage details
  • Using inappropriate fuel or contaminating the fuel
  • Acts of vandalism due to my negligence
  • Improper installation of physical options (e.g., chains, socks, child seats) causing damage
  • Theft of vehicle parts (e.g., wheels, mirrors)
6.2. Damage due to weather conditions

If the vehicle sustains damage due to weather conditions (e.g., hail, storm) during the rental period, I will not be charged for these damages, only the deductible specified in the product will apply.

I must provide details such as the date, time, and location of the damage for validation by Météo France. Failure to provide these details will result in repair costs being charged to me.

6.3. What is the deductible ?

The deductible is the amount I may be charged in case of vehicle damage. This amount  is the same as the deposit. If i choose the daily insurance for my rental, I will pay a reduced deposit, therefore a reduced deductible.

6.4. What is the increased deductible ?

The increased deductible is an additional amount charged, it varies according to the situations.

6.5. Steps to take if the vehicle is damaged

In the event of any damage, including accidents, theft attempts, fire, collision with a wild animal, or other damage, I (and any additional drivers) must:

  • Notify OLINID as soon as possible and no later than 12 hours after the incident or discovery of damage. Delays may result in additional charges.
  • Complete a report if a third party is involved.
  • Notify the police or gendarmerie if necessary.
  • Fill out a detailed statement.

The detailed statement must include:

  • The circumstances, date, place, and time of the incident
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses
  • If applicable, the license plate number of the third-party vehicle, the owner’s name and address, the insurance company’s name, and the related policy number
6.6. Specific obligations in case of an accident

In case of an accident, I must:

  • Complete the accident report available in the OLINID app
  • Fill out the amicable report using the form in the vehicle’s glove compartment, unless prevented by force majeure
  • Take a readable photo of the completed amicable report and send it to Then, send the original report by mail to: MC Eco Rental – 30 boulevard Princesse  Charlotte – 98000 Monaco
  • Take photos of the vehicle as specified in the app

If a police or gendarmerie report or a bailiff’s report is made, these documents must be attached to the declaration. I am not authorized to make agreements or transactions on behalf of OLINID or its insurer.

6.7. If the vehicle is stolen or vandalized

If the vehicle is stolen or vandalized, I must report it immediately or within 12 hours. 

I must take all necessary measures, including filing a complaint with the authorities within the same period. A copy of the complaint report must be submitted to OLINID promptly. 

In case of vandalism or theft, my personal belongings are not covered by mandatory insurance or additional protections.

6.8. Reporting damage while the vehicle is in my care

If damage occurs while the vehicle is in my care, I will report it directly in the app. This report does not affect the original condition report.

6.9. returning physical options

I must return all accessories, equipment, and physical options in the same condition as received. Normal wear and tear is allowed, considering the distance traveled and the rental period duration.

6.10. Returning the vehicle in clean condition

The vehicle must be returned in a clean condition similar to when it was received. Additional charges  will apply if extra time is needed to restore the vehicle to rental condition due to strong odors, animal hair, sand, bodily fluids, dirt, or stubborn stains.


7.1. Responsibility for traffic violations and infractions

I am responsible for any traffic violations and fines incurred during the rental period, which starts from the scheduled beginning of my rental until the vehicle is returned.

OLINID reserves the right to charge a flat fee of 50€ to cover any administrative costs and damages resulting from the infraction, including the process of providing my information to the relevant authorities.

If the vehicle is towed, I must inform OLINID immediately. Should OLINID need to retrieve the vehicle, I will be responsible for management and towing fees.

7.2. Responsibility for tolls

I agree to cover all costs associated with the use of the vehicle, including any toll fees.


8.1. Is my rental covered by insurance ?

All rented vehicles are covered by liability insurance in accordance with current regulations and the contractual limits set by the insurance policy arranged by OLINID or the Partner with their respective insurers.

Per Article R.211-5 of the Insurance Code:

  1. The insurance obligation covers bodily and material damage resulting from the vehicle’s operation, including accidents, fires, or explosions caused by the vehicle, its accessories, products used in its operation, and objects or substances it transports.
  2. The insurance also covers damage caused by the fall of these accessories, objects, substances, or products.

The driver is protected against the financial consequences of their civil liability for bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties, including passengers in the vehicle, involving the rented vehicle.

This insurance is directly arranged by OLINID for vehicles owned by OLINID. For vehicles rented through the OLINID Platform that are not owned by OLINID, the Partner arranges the insurance. In such cases, any issues between the Partner and the Driver or authorized Drivers regarding Civil Liability Insurance are the Partner’s responsibility and managed with their insurer. OLINID is not liable for any failures in this relationship or for the Partner’s failure to subscribe to or renew the civil liability insurance.

The driver at the time of the accident is not personally covered by this liability insurance.

8.2. Are damages to the vehicle covered by liability insurance ?

Damages to the vehicle are not covered by mandatory liability insurance.

Therefore, the Driver and any additional Driver are responsible for any loss, damage, or deterioration (not listed in the initial condition report) caused to the vehicle during the rental period.

When renting a vehicle from OLINID, I, along with any additional Driver(s), will be responsible for all damage, loss, or deterioration to the vehicle. These costs will be charged, unless it is proven that the damages occurred without my fault or that of the additional drivers.


9.1. What to do if the vehicle breaks down during the rental period ?

In the event of a mechanical failure, accident, or any other issue causing the vehicle to break down during the rental period, you must promptly contact OLINID assistance.

You are not permitted to authorize any repairs or services on the vehicle without prior approval from OLINID.

9.2. Entitlement to a replacement vehicle in case of breakdown

If the vehicle becomes immobilized for less than 24 hours and you are more than 50 kilometers from your home, OLINID assistance will organize and cover the following:

  • Your return home, which includes arranging and covering transportation by the most appropriate means: train, rental vehicle, taxi, or plane.
  • Continuation of your journey, within the cost limits equivalent to returning home by the most suitable means: train, rental vehicle (equivalent category within the maximum limit of SDMR), taxi, or plane.

If the vehicle remains immobilized for more than 24 hours, OLINID assistance will arrange and cover a replacement vehicle of an equivalent category for the remaining duration of your rental.

9.3. How to contact OLINID assistance ?

You can contact us by reaching out to OLINID customer service on the app when managing your booking or via the email address, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

9.4. When will I be charged for OLINID assistance ?

You will be charged for OLINID assistance if you are responsible for the incident. Charges will apply in cases where the fault is attributable to you, such as tire punctures, break-ins, vandalism, or vehicle theft.


10.1. When Should I Return the Vehicle ?

The vehicle, along with all accessories, equipment, and physical options, must be returned to OLINID by the agreed-upon date and time specified in your reservation.

10.2. Where Should I Return the Vehicle ?

Return the vehicle to the address provided during your reservation. A chauffeur from OLINID will always be waiting for you at the desired drop-off address.

10.3. Can I return the vehicle before the specified date in the rental contract ?

Yes, you can return the vehicle before the specified date without any fees, provided it is returned within the designated return area specified during your reservation.

No reimbursement or credit will be given for early vehicle returns.

10.4. What happens if I don’t return the vehicle on time ?

You have a 30-minute grace period after the scheduled return time. Beyond this, return penalties will apply.

10.5. What happens if I don’t return the vehicle ?

If the vehicle is not returned by the specified date and time and no contact is made with OLINID within four hours from the scheduled return time, OLINID may:

  • Suspend your account;
  • Initiate legal proceedings.

OLINID may charge additional fees from the scheduled return time.

10.6. What happens if I leave personal belongings in the vehicle after returning it ?

You are fully responsible for your personal belongings.

If your personal belongings are found, OLINID will notify you by phone. You will agree on a solution for their return at your expense, including delivery charges and handling fees.

If the personal belongings found by OLINID are lost again, OLINID will not be responsible, and no compensation will be provided.

The auto insurance included with your rental does not cover damage, loss, or theft of personal belongings.

Any items found will be discarded 60 days after the end of the rental.


12.1. Payment Methods

To pay for your rental, you can use a credit card, Apple Pay, or Android Pay via the app. If the booking is by contacting us directly, we accept bank transfers. Prepaid credit cards (including Maestro and Electron) may be refused by OLINID.

Rental payments are made in advance, during the booking confirmation. This prepayment covers the rental cost based on the number of days and optional services.

OLINID uses the 3D Secure system for payment security, which may redirect you to your bank’s website for authentication using pre-defined personal data. Upon successful validation and bank approval, the prepayment will be confirmed, and the reservation finalized. This authentication is mandatory.

The selected credit card will be charged the indicated amount, and a confirmation email with a receipt will be sent. The prepaid amount will be noted on the final invoice and deducted from the total amount due.

If attempts to collect unpaid rental fees fail, OLINID may use a debt collection agency, and you will be responsible for the associated costs. These include administrative, legal, collection, and procedural fees. You will be notified before the debt collection process begins, but all additional fees will be added to the initial unpaid amount until the debt is fully settled. You are responsible for both the initial debt and any additional costs incurred during debt collection.

12.2. Providing Banking Information

To confirm your reservation, you need to provide your credit card information to OLINID and authorize them to:

  • Encrypt and store this information with your payment provider
  • Link this credit card to your OLINID account
  • Debit this credit card for the total due amount, including prepayment at the time of booking
  • Request pre-authorization from your bank for the security deposit
  • Authorize the debit of any due amounts for the vehicle rental or any other rentals linked to your account

The credit card used for the reservation must be in the name of the account holder, matching the information on your driver’s license. If the card is not in your name, OLINID reserves the right to cancel the reservation and any additional protections. If authentication fails, the reservation will not be confirmed. OLINID may monitor the number of authentication failures and block accounts after multiple 3D Secure authentication failures.

The amount will only be debited by OLINID in case of damage to the vehicle, equipment, accessories, or physical options, or violations of OLINID’s General Conditions. For technical reasons, especially related to the reservation duration, OLINID may renew the payment authorization.

12.3. What’s Included in the Rental Price

The rental price consists of the main rent and any additional charges.

The main rent is based on the chosen vehicle model and the contractually agreed rental period or mileage covered. The mileage is indicated by the vehicle’s odometer. If the odometer is tampered with, a fee will be charged. The rental price and additional charges must be paid in full for the agreed rental period. Late pick-up or early return will not result in a refund or rental credit.

Optional rent supplements offered by OLINID may include:

  • Daily rental price of accessories (child seats, snow chains or socks, snow tires, etc.)
  • Fees for returning the vehicle to a different location than the pick-up, based on the return city
  • Fees for delivering and/or picking up the vehicle at the specified location, including fuel costs for the journey made by OLINID
  • Fuel cost for a full tank if a rental contract including this is concluded, at the price of the “prepaid fuel” option; any remaining fuel at return will not be refunded
12.4. What’s not included in the rental price 

Anything excluded from the General Conditions is not included in your rental price. Additional charges  must be paid in addition to the initial price.

12.5. Security deposit

You are subject to a security deposit for the rental.

 OLINID asks you to pay your deposit within 12 hours before the start of your reservation. Otherwise, failing to do so will result in the cancellation of your reservation and no refund will be made.

This amount may be debited in the following cases:

  • Non-compliance with the General Conditions
  • Damage to the vehicle, equipment, accessories, and physical options, as stipulated in the General Conditions
  • Unpaid invoice at the end of the rental period
  • Non-return of the vehicle
  • New reservation made without a deposit and the previous one charged
  • Accounts “at risk” with potential damage risks (e.g., previous damage to an OLINID vehicle or failed identity check)

For reservations longer than 5.5 days, OLINID will unblock and reauthorize the deposit every 7 days. OLINID may monitor the number of deposit failures.

12.6. Payment refusal

Payment may be refused if the 3D Secure confirmation with your bank is not completed, if you were too quick on the payment page, if you use a prepaid or unauthorized card (Maestro and Electron), or if your bank applies a payment blocking filter. In case of a refused payment, contact your bank directly.

12.7. Multiple payment methods

You can register multiple payment methods in your name on your OLINID account. In case of unpaid amounts, OLINID may use any valid payment method associated with your account. OLINID reserves the right to monitor the number of payment methods used.

12.8. Changing payment methods during rental

 Once the rental period has started, you cannot change your payment method for the duration of the rental.

12.9. Parking Fees

If you request the provision or return of a vehicle within a parking lot, OLINID parks or retrieves the vehicle at the agreed location at your expense. Parking fees are your responsibility from the theoretical start of your rental.


13.1. Can OLINID modify the Terms and Conditions ?

The most current version of the Terms and Conditions is always accessible on the website and the OLINID app.

If any changes are made, I will be notified the next time I log in to my OLINID account. I must accept the updated Terms and Conditions to proceed with renting an OLINID vehicle.

The Terms and Conditions that were accepted at the start of the rental period will remain in effect for the duration of the rental, even if new Terms and Conditions are introduced during this time.


14.1. Why do we process your personal data ?

We collect and store your personal information to provide the services you requested. Specifically, we automate the processing of your personal data to manage business relationships and rental services.

14.2. Who do we share your personal data with ?

Your data may be shared with OLINID’s affiliates, vehicle owners operated by OLINID and its affiliates, insurance companies, and other entities to facilitate recovery procedures and counter fraudulent claims. Additionally, your data may be shared with entities that help manage business relationships and ensure the smooth operation of the vehicles.

14.3. What rights do you have regarding your personal data ?

You have the right to access, rectify, restrict, port, and delete your personal data. You also have the right to object to the processing of your data and to set post-mortem directives.

14.4. How can you exercise your rights ?

You can exercise your rights by:

  • Mailing MC Eco Rental  at 30 boulevard Princesse Charlotte, 98000 Monaco
  • Emailing at

For corrections and updates to your OLINID account data, you can directly make the necessary changes and deletions in your account settings.

14.5. What security checks are performed ?

OLINID conducts identity, security, driver’s license, and credit checks. By entering into the rental agreement or driving the vehicle, you consent to these checks. If you do not pass any of OLINID’s checks, OLINID may deny you permission to drive or rent the vehicle.

14.6. Where can you find more information about the use and processing of your personal data ?

For more detailed information, you can refer to the “Privacy Policy” available on the OLINID website.


15.1. Initial steps in case of a dispute

If a dispute arises, I should first contact OLINID to seek an amicable resolution.

OLINID’s computerized records, maintained under reasonable security conditions, will serve as evidence of exchanges, orders, and payments conducted via the OLINID app or email.

15.2. If an amicable solution cannot be reached

If an amicable resolution cannot be achieved, I can escalate the matter to the Mediator of the National Council of Automotive Professions (CNPA). This requires submitting a written complaint to OLINID beforehand.

To proceed with mediation, I must ensure my case meets the admissibility criteria, which are detailed at I have two options:

  • Submit my request online at
  • Download and complete the referral form from the mediator’s website, then mail it to: Mr. Mediator of the National Council of Automotive Professions (CNPA) – 43 bis route de Vaugirard – CS 80016 – 92197 Meudon CEDEX, or email it to

For disputes related to European purchases, I can use the platform to file complaints and have them forwarded to the appropriate national mediators.

Any dispute that cannot be resolved amicably will be governed by French law and will fall under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.